Key Learnings at AIIM Toronto - a Customer Success perspective

November 10, 2014

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One of the great things about our industry is that it is constantly evolving and we are continually challenged to match this growth and remain on the cutting edge of trends and technology. Some of the topics that were the big buzz at the recent AIIM Toronto event are things we’ve been talking to our customers and partners about and discussing at some of our recent live events.

Laurie Parish and Meagan Williams, Customer Success Managers at Adlib, attended the event, one of many that AIIM delivers throughout the year, and Meagan says, “the reason we felt it was important to attend this event is the agenda mentioned a number of topics that we deal with every day at Adlib, including the areas of dark data and auto-classification or Intelligent Content Recognition. We deal with unstructured data all the time so understanding what others in the industry are doing to manage this data is important to us.”

With representatives from a broad range of industries in attendance, the event provided great networking opportunities and the chance to learn more about the data management landscape. “Interestingly,” says Laurie, “big data is now being viewed in the context of Information Governance, perhaps a more all-encompassing term than has been in use for some time”.

The size of the dark data problem

According to Meagan and Laurie, as Customer Success Managers, they deal constantly with helping customers to gain control of this unstructured content or dark data, which makes up the largest segment of data within most organizations. There is also a lot of data R.O.T. (Redundant, Obsolete, Trivial). What information should be deleted? What should be archived? How should this data be classified? Adlib’s Customer Success team looks at each customer in a unique manner and often pulls resources from other teams to come in and consult with the customer to address the gaps that exist and how we can help fill them with Advanced Rendering technology. “Often,” says Laurie, “a customer’s eyes are really opened up at these sessions as to what they should be looking at, what they should be concerned with.”

Organizations need to act now!

Between speaking with other vendors and what we digested in presentations, it seems that just 5-10% of organizations have implemented a comprehensive information governance program or plan, with little idea as to what or where their business information is. This number is alarmingly low, considering the rise in the creation of data. Every day an estimated 15 petabytes of new data is being created (AIIM study) with the amount of digital content to grow to in excess of 40 zettabytes by 2020 (EMC’s Digital Universe Study). With little control over their data and 35% of the digital universe being subject to compliance and regulations, enterprises should be acting now to get the ball rolling on a comprehensive information governance plan.

We encourage our customers to think about the big picture when it comes to IT and content management planning. For example, at the growth rate of information mentioned above, when implementing Adlib products, we work with customers to put a plan in place for scalability, so that this growth will be accommodated in the future. We also provide multiple deployment options so that an organization can work with the product or service that works for them at that time.

We look forward to continuing to learn about our industry and to solve content problems for customers. Hope to see you at future events!

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