Future-proof your Documentum environment with Adlib & fme

November 14, 2014

2 minute read

If you are a “regular”, you may have noticed that more and more these days, we have been blogging about what we are up to with our partners and how important our partner ecosystem is to us. Well, in the end it is all about our customers of course, but in order to deliver premium solutions to those valued customers, we have embraced the notion of teaming up with other industry leaders to help customers solve complex document problems by layering advanced technologies.

To that end, we have engaged with our partner fme in a number of different live events and next week we will be participating in a webinar hosted by fme. We’ll be discussing the value of integrating both fme and Adlib with D7 to ensure deployment success. fme delivers improved migration success with its certified migration-centrer, enabling organizations to reduce risk and streamline the process of migrating to D7.

A changing landscape

I encourage you to register for next week’s webinar, where we will be providing valuable information on how to enable a smooth transition to D7. With the launch of EMC’s Documentum 7, the course of rendering, as an example, has changed for organizations. While Documentum still brings many benefits for content management processes, Adlib and fme help to fill the gaps that exist in critical business processes within EMC Documentum 7, adding value to deployments.

Do away with frustrating migrations

Organizations don’t have time to be held up with complex and time-consuming migrations. Technologies that enable them to migrate smoothly, speed up business processes, drive business growth and meet compliance, collaboration and archiving mandates are what they demand.  In the webinar we will talk about the need for advanced tools, the kind of technologies that Adlib and fme have to offer customers.  But seeing is believing.  Fme will also be showing a live demo to illustrate how it all works.

Both Adlib PDF Enterprise and fme’s migration-center are powerful tools that aid organizations in achieving business objectives without disruption or risk. We hope to connect with you next week at the live webinar.

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