Capturing the attention of our banking and insurance customers

November 4, 2014

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Adlib announced today 3 new initiatives which I am very excited about! Building on our strong financial services technology foundation and our ecosystem of partner solutions, we will be increasing focus on solutions for our customers in banking and insurance, and we’re providing data and document capture technology backed by our powerful Advanced Rendering engine. We’re sure this new trifecta of document-to-PDF solutions is sure to capture your attention!

Focusing on banking and insurance document processes

Adlib’s new solutions for banking organizations and their systems integrators are designed to optimize processes, from content capture to output, that will strengthen customer acquisition, retention and overall experience. We focus on document processes such as document on-boarding, report processing, contracts and compliance regulations (such as those from ISDA).  Take a look at this datasheet for more details on how we can enable banking organizations to meet their goals.

For our customers in insurance and their systems integrators, we’re providing solutions that enhance business processes from customer on-boarding to claims management, contract renewals and customer reporting. We’re helping organizations who are seeking ways to optimize content capture to drive enhanced customer experiences. For more information on how we’re working with insurance organizations, take a look at this datasheet.

Digesting captured information

Content capture is not a new technology – certainly not in the banking or insurance space – but how we’re using it is certainly gaining some customer interest. Instead of focusing on ingesting content, we’re enabling organizations to digest that information, and automatically move it along to the next stage of the document lifecycle. Using a rules-based approach which harnesses Optical Character Recognition (OCR), image comparison technology, and PDF interpretation techniques, we help companies to automate tedious manual document-centric processes and turn content into assets.

Adlib’s capture solutions optimize document processes such as digital document on-boarding, content extraction, document assessment and classification, in addition to de-duplication, searchability, document comparison and multi-format manipulation. Learn more about our capture solutions in this datasheet.

Check out today’s press release for more details.

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