Nine lines of business in every organization that can benefit from ECM

May 26, 2014

1 minute read

Join us at IBM Content 2014

Guest post from Dan Bigos, ECM Industry Strategy & Solutions, IBM

In today’s interconnected world, information provides an enormous opportunity for businesses. In fact, every piece of information generated by the people, devices and systems associated with your organization can be used to gain a competitive edge. But many companies lack the enterprise content management (ECM) strategies and solutions to take advantage of this wealth of information—especially across the entire enterprise.

The problem is that many organizations apply ECM to improve a single activity, but they fail to realize the additional benefits and returns on investment they could be gaining by applying ECM to additional business areas.

Image if nine vital lines of business in your company, such as marketing, human resources, procurement, sales, customer service, finance, compliance, legal and operations, had access to the wealth of data that each one traditionally keeps to itself. Collaboration would improve, process management would be more streamlined, the information lifecycle would be more efficient, and the in-depth analytics generated would create valuable insights for everyone.

Join us at IBM Content 2014 to discover how ECM can be used to improve efficiency and effectiveness across virtually all lines of business. Come along to a journey to a concept called SPACE. It’s all about connecting suppliers, products, assets, customers, and employees through systems of integrated content management.

In this session, you’ll see real-world success stories of customers who have discovered the power of ECM to generate business insight from almost any type of content in any format. You’ll also learn new ways to extend the benefits of your current ECM platform to give your employees the information they need to succeed, and find out how ECM can help you create a more engaged, agile, and competitive organization. So join us and make sure you’re leveraging ECM to its full potential.

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