Merge Files in a Document Set into a Single PDF File

May 23, 2014

1 minute read

Watch this product demo to learn how to make a range of rendition requests in SharePoint.

Document sets in SharePoint 2010 are a great way to group related documents in various formats for projects, investment bank pitch books, RFPs and more.

It is much better to use document sets – rather than folders – to group documents in SharePoint because you can also associate workflows with document sets to make them more efficient to work with and to automate manual business processes.

For example, in the latest release of Adlib PDF with the SharePoint connector we extend the value of document sets by enabling the merging of all files in a document set – in one operation – to a single PDF to make it far more convenient for sharing, distributing and archiving.

The resulting PDF is enhanced with PDF bookmarks and a table of contents for more efficient navigation. This format is much more useful for the end user. Advantages of using document sets over using individual files include:

  • Saving time opening and examining individual documents
  • Easy searching within the collection
  • Efficient navigation using the generated table of contents, PDF bookmarks and consistent page numbering across the entire document

Document Metadata is used to control the detailed configuration of the PDF rendition, order in which the documents are merged and whether they are to be included in the report.

For more information on how Adlib PDF works within SharePoint, and how you can merge multiple files into a single PDF, take a look at this product demo.

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