Live event: Adlib joins the OpenText Innovation Tour in Calgary

May 23, 2014

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Join us in Calgary at the OpenText Innovation Tour.

Insight. Innovation. Impact.

The OpenText Innovation Tour is the continuation of conversation about innovation and the future of information in the enterprise universe. This is for the future of strategic CIOs. It brings the Enterprise World experience - complete with exclusive networking opportunities, exhibits, solution-specific tracks, and access to OpenText experts. It is a global initiative: a one-day event with the opportunity to interact with OpenText management, partners, customers and industry visionaries.

  • You can learn from and interact with thought leaders and decision makers on the relationships and business models needed for future success
  • Experience the newest OpenText product(s) and/or upgrades
  • Enrich your day with solution-specific tracks and exhibits that speak directly to your needs

There is so much innovation going around the IT world that it has become a challenge to keep up. You can imagine the plight of CIOs who not only are part of many of these innovations but need to stay a step ahead to reduce costs and improve their organization’s effectiveness. I think the main goal of CIOs is to do more with less.

A Sponsor and a Participant

We’ll be participating as a sponsor of the OpenText Innovation Tour by virtue of our partnership. But our main goal is to be participants and take part in conversations that will help us innovate further.

Delivering innovation to Adlib customers

OpenText users already benefit from Adlib’s technology, providing accurate, scalable and highly available document-to-PDF conversion. Our Advanced Rendering technology automatically converts and assembles 400+ file formats into high quality, searchable and compliant PDF format – right from OpenText Content Management Server, E-Sign and Regulatory Documents (aka “Reg-Docs”) products.

You can have further in-depth discussions with us in Calgary – sign up here!

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