IBM Content 2014 Event Series: Stop number 2, Toronto!

May 15, 2014

1 minute read

Join us in Toronto for the IBM Content 2014 Event Series.

Our team had a wonderful session in Long Beach this week! So far we have heard all things positive. To continue the momentum, our next stop in the IBM Content 2014 Event Series is in Toronto! We’ll be there on May 30th, discussing this year’s theme: Information. Insights. Results.

Some of the items that Rupin Mago, the Content Rendition Strategist at Adlib, will discuss at the show will be:

  1. Dark Data: Ingestion and capture of content, plus Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and its relevance within this year’s theme.
  2. Case Management: How all documents somehow are part of a business process.
  3. Archiving: How to archive emails and why PDF/A is the go-to format for archiving all documents.

Although the above topics seem very non-threatening, when you start thinking about them the more you realize why you need to look into them more thoroughly and quickly.

So, if you’ve missed the event at Long Beach or you happen to be in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), sign up and you’ll get a chance to interact with Rupin. This is a no cost event, so take advantage and mingle with your peers from the industry!

This event provides an excellent opportunity to learn how to deliver content in context, derive valuable insights from it, and generate the desired results. Learn more about the IBM Content 2014 Event Series in this post.

Register now to reserve your spot for the Toronto stop.

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