Document Strategy Forum 2014: Why I’m happy

May 7, 2014

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Document Strategy Forum: Let’s meet up!

Long live the document!

I have talked before about the “document” as a lost or forgotten article in the overall “content management” discussion. Yet, I don’t believe the business importance of the document can be overstated. The existence of high-resolution, readable, searchable and secure documents is one of the most valuable assets of any organization and may in many cases be the key to the success of the enterprise. So it stands to reason that these documents get the attention they deserve.

Document Strategy Forum is coming up!

Lucky for us, Document Strategy Forum 2014 is just around the corner. Taking place on May 13-15, this year’s theme is: Creating & Managing Better Documents. This can mean different things to different businesses, including:

  • Creating high-fidelity documents
  • Ensuring the accuracy of content in the documents
  • Having documents that are text searchable
  • Making sure content is readable, even in the future with the existing electronic format out of existence
  • Using secure documents with controlled ability for others to modify or make changes
  • Meeting compliance regulations or governance requirements
  • Storing content in a standard electronic file format

The bottom line for creating and managing better documents is to unlock the value within them.

Adlib showcases its document management strategies at Document Strategy Forum

There is a lot of learning potential at this event. From power sessions to panel discussions, the attendees will get a chance to interact with IT professionals and business leaders and discuss content strategy. As PDF Experts, Adlib is proud to be a part of this healthy mix. We will be sharing our expertise on Advanced Rendering within the realms of enterprise content and document management. Chat with the PDF experts at our booth and discuss how we collaborate with large enterprises in managing documents in a way that streamlines business processes and integrates with the existing ECM environments.

See you next week!

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