Deliver Better Customer Experiences and Self-Service Options with Content Management

May 30, 2014

2 minute read

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Guest post from Jill Taylor, Program Director, WW Demand Generation, ECM, IBM

Customer expectations are higher than ever before. People expect you to know them as individuals, they demand relevant, timely promotions, easy-to-use self-service options, and seamless, integrated experiences across every touch point, whether they’re using smart phones, tablets or computers. And they assume that these exceptional experiences will remain consistent before, during, and after they make a purchase.

How well is your organization keeping up with the soaring demands of today’s customers? Most companies say that “the customer comes first,” but do they follow up on that statement with the way they align their business?

Customer-focused organizations create systems of engagement to drive excellent customer experience. That’s because mere customer loyalty isn’t enough. You need to create brand advocates—people who are willing to share their positive opinions about their interactions with your business to everyone in their extended digital network. They’ll remain devoted customers, and they’ll also generate more business for you, as well as higher revenues. Here are three pillars of a strong customer engagement system:

  • Understanding: Get to know your customer in the context of their journey. Observe the customer and really listen to what they want, both on and offline. Use this understanding to drive your front and back office operations, to respond to increases and decreases in demand, or to create innovative products and services.
  • Connection: Unite your entire business ecosystem across every interaction channel in order to enable conversations with the customer and seamless integration with suppliers, trading partners and service providers.
  • Engagement: Deliver the best action, in context, using the right content and channel to create the best customer experience. Use the right interaction channels, powered by the knowledge you have about your customers, to engage with them in unique and personalized ways. Connect with your suppliers, trading partners and service providers and provide visibility, knowledge and context to focus on customers.

What can you do to provide these kinds of customer experiences in order to build lasting loyalty? Join IBM Content 2014, coming soon to a city near you, to get the answers. Learn how IBM’s enterprise content management solutions can provide a complete view of your customer so you can anticipate their needs, and discover how secure, reliable self-service solutions can help create satisfied customers—and evangelists for your brand.

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