Best Practices with IBM FileNet Content Manager and IBM Content Foundation

May 29, 2014

2 minute read

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Guest post from Steve Studer, Offering Manager, ECM, IBM

IBM Content Foundation is an innovative enterprise content management (ECM) solution that delivers document management, custom application development and ECM consolidation for any size organization across any industry. With the latest release of FileNet Content Manager and IBM Content Foundation, IBM customers have more choices than ever before in selecting the content management solution that meets their needs. Let’s take a look at 10 ways IBM solutions can help you create a more productive and more efficient environment in your business when it comes to handling content.

  1. Many Versions? No Problems: From simple document management to large and complex publications, IBM Content Foundation makes it easy to manage documents throughout your publication processes.
  2. No More Passive Content: One of the key strengths of IBM Content Foundation is that instead of having passive content isolated in a repository, additions and changes can trigger events that affect other processes.
  3. Extend Your Data Model: The IBM Content Foundation supports an extensible data model, making it possible to manage complex taxonomies using extensive metadata, organize content into folders or use flexible links between documents.
  4. Support Document Diversity: Manage many different document types, including XML documents, Microsoft Office, Web pages, photos, voice data, images, process definitions and templates.
  5. Keep on Scaling: IBM Content Foundation can scale easily to meet the demands of the world’s largest enterprises. It can handle multimillion document storage and retrieval rates across geographically dispersed locations.
  6. Get More Approval: IBM Content Foundation’s document review-and-approve workflow makes it easy to get documents reviewed and approved by multiple parties at the same time.
  7. Complex Document Support: If you deal with engineering drawings or compound documents, IBM FileNet Content Manager provides support for folder specialization, links between documents, multi-level parent and child relationships and more.
  8. Forms Processing: When it comes to filling in and viewing detailed business forms FileNet eForms can make it easy to provide electronic forms that can be managed by FileNet Content Manager.
  9. High-end Document Management: Ensure accurate and complete document entries—while maintaining security—with templates provided with FileNet Content Manager.
  10. Enterprise Search with Content Analytics: Help users search for documents even with the intuitive search experience in IBM Content Analytics text search. Start with simple keywords and then refine those search results using an intuitive experience.

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