Advanced Rendering – 10 technical features your enterprise needs: recap

May 15, 2014

2 minute read

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A few months ago I announced a new blog series on Advanced Rendering and which technical features enterprise organizations need to succeed. We’ve been writing on this topic for a while, but in case you’ve missed a few of the posts, I’ll recap them all here for you.

  1. Linear scalability
  2. High availability
  3. Easy integration with existing systems
  4. Highly configurable platforms
  5. Tools that enable compliance
  6. Monitoring and alerting systems
  7. Reporting tools
  8. Central platform management
  9. Systems that require low day-to-day maintenance
  10. Tools that enable collaboration and sharing

Of course, these aren’t the only important technical features, and their order of importance will change from organization to organization. Every enterprise will have a unique set of features that are mission-critical based on their industry and document-centric processes.

Want to learn more about Advanced Rendering? Check out this recent white paper on how Adlib can help increase business efficiency with automated document conversion software.

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