A worthy roadshow: IBM Content 2014 Event Series

May 9, 2014

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Join us at the IBM Content 2014 Event Series in a city near you!

A dozen years of roadshows

Are we there yet? Most of us have taken part in road trips that seem endless. How about embarking on a road trip where each stop is just as great as the one before it? Beginning next week (May 12, 2014), that is exactly what Adlib is doing! We will be joining IBM when they hit the road for the 12th time, bringing to key cities the IBM Content 2014 Event Series (formerly UserNet).

Adlib joins IBM in key cities

As an IBM partner, Adlib is excited to be a part of the series on a few of IBM’s stops, including:

  • Long Beach, CA (May 13)
  • Toronto, ON (May 30)
  • Austin, TX (June 03

Information is power but this power is useless if it is unable to provide insights that lead to good results. Seems like this year’s IBM Content 2014 theme, Information, Insights and Result, is pretty relevant. Relevant content is information that makes connections and content-driven insights drive results.

Sign up for one of the events near your city and understand how to deliver content in context, derive valuable insights from it and generate desired results. You’ll have the chance to meet industry experts and peers, attend live technical sessions, see road map views, and of course, listen to use cases!

In specific, you’ll learn:

•How to assess and analyze content (both structured and unstructured) and make it work for you to drive intelligent business decision making

•How a deeper understanding of the value and complexity of your content elevates your control and enables you to drive organizational growth

•How you can empower your employees with information, creating a more engaged organization

If you are in Denver, Toronto or Austin, we look forward to speaking with you at the Content 2014 Event Series about how Adlib PDF enhances the value of Enterprise Content Management systems, especially for large organizations by resolving some challenges. Some key topics we’ll discuss are:

  • High fidelity and accuracy of rendered documents
  • Automated conversion, merging, rendering and publishing of documents
  • Enhanced document searchability through OCR and metadata rules
  • Automatic watermarks, digital signatures, headers and footers and other features

You might want to corner one of our PDF Experts to understand how Adlib PDF integrates with IBM FileNet and Content Manager.

Register here and get ready to share your IBM story with us!

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