Taking the Knowledge Management world by storm with Advanced Rendering: Adlib in the KMWorld Top 100

March 6, 2014

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Watch this on-demand webinar to learn why Advanced Rendering is a must for enterprises.

KMWorld recently announced their pick of top 100 companies that matter in Knowledge Management, and Adlib is thrilled to be chosen as one of them. Being honored by your industry and your peers always results in a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. As KMWorld notes, these 100 companies have something important in common: they have “proven to define the spirit of practical innovation by blending sparkling technology with a deep, unflinching commitment to customer success.” At Adlib, everything we do is for our customers. We’re always striving to build better products and be a better company.

What this list does most of all, other than allowing ourselves to pat each other on the back, is to spark a dynamic discussion on the issues that exist in Knowledge Management, and what each company is doing to conquer them. At Adlib, we’re focusing on enhancing document processes by providing Advanced Rendering document-to-PDF conversion technology to enterprise organizations in content-heavy industries.

Turning Adlib’s Advanced Rendering software into a Knowledge Management Solution

The field of Knowledge Management is evolving, and we’re seeing a lot of innovative industry shifts with organizations focusing on the systems that manage data and content. Having been in the document conversion industry for over a decade, we’ve had a lot of experience when it comes to streamlining document processes within business systems. Features such as the following, which are part of our Advanced Rendering software, are being acknowledged as critical in enabling organizations to manage the data explosion:

  • Integrating directly with existing Enterprise Content Management systems such as EMC Documentum, IBM FileNet, OpenText and Microsoft SharePoint
  • Being leveraged as a shared service across multiple departments and business units due to scalable architecture
  • Enabling users to collaborate on and share documents by eliminating the need for specialized viewing programs or authoring software
  • Making documents searchable with advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology
  • Enhancing documents with tables of contents, watermarks, digital signatures and hyperlinks

Find out why Advanced Rendering is a must for enterprises

We recently published an on-demand webinar on why Advanced Rendering document-to-PDF software is a must for organizations that deal with high volumes of content. Watch the webinar to learn how Advanced Rendering can work with your existing Knowledge Management processes and systems.

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