On-demand webinar: Advanced Rendering adds value to organizational document compliance mandates

March 31, 2014

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Watch the webinar: The Compliance Conundrum: How Advanced Rendering Can Help

Does the ever-growing volume of data your business generates have the potential to make or break your organization? The short answer is probably both yes and no. Organizations are going to great lengths to create and execute elaborate marketing programs, sound financial processes and business development initiatives. These are all good things. However, in developing and managing the content associated with these activities, often the document itself is neglected. Document compliance is typically referred to as the “final mile” in industry terms. It’s important to realize that if you pay attention to the document itself – all the way to the final mile – you can elevate the power of your intellectual capital.

Compliance as an organizational necessity

Documents can be powerful tools in a variety of ways. Recently, Adlib hosted a webinar dealing with the issue of document compliance. We discussed the different levels of compliance considerations, from the obvious to the ignored. The obvious being regulated industry rules and broad-based regulations like FDASarbanes-Oxley and ATIP, rules prescribed by various governing bodies. The ignored document compliance is focused on organizational mandates, such as internal rules established for documents the legal, financial, human resources and marketing departments are creating within an enterprise.

The PDF standard for document compliance

PDF, an ISO standard, is a viable way for organizations to standardize content across the enterprise. Without using high-fidelity PDFs, a number of document compliance issues can occur: I might convert a document, using my desktop save-as-PDF software, which contains a graphic in corporate colors. However, the viewer at the other end may see completely different shades of those colors because my conversion tool doesn’t guarantee high fidelity or accuracy.

The answer? A consistent application of PDF across the organization using enterprise-grade software that guarantees high fidelity and accuracy. Enter Adlib’ s Advanced Rendering software which enables organizations to adhere to established standards. For example, if every legal document produced within the organization should have a certain disclaimer, this will be consistent across the board. If all financial documents should have a certain phone number in the footer, this is standardized with Adlib’s Advanced Rendering tool, leaving a lot less room for error and internal inconsistency.

Advanced Rendering can add value to your organizational compliance processes – something desktop converters can’t do – enabling consistency and improving collaboration across the enterprise, while ensuring that your documents, your organizational assets, are accurate and adhere to organizational mandates. To learn more, watch the on-demand webinar: The Compliance Conundrum: How Advanced Rendering Can Help.

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