Adlib’s highlights from the FAST FWD K2 User Conference: An instant hit in Vegas!

March 5, 2014

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Vegas. What better place to host a user-conference titled “Fast FWD” than in a town that doesn't know any other speed. K2's first large-scale user conference was a great success with over 450 attendees (and a triple-digit waiting list!). Hosted in the venerable Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, the event was clearly a customer-focused affair with many participating in the key presentations.

A powerful partnership – K2 and Adlib address the crowd

Adlib was among the partners supporting K2 and we took the opportunity to sponsor lunch on Day 1. Over lunch, our resident Content Rendition Strategist, Rupin Mago, shared his ideas around Advanced Rendering and the synergy achieved when pairing those powerful capabilities with fantastic workflow tools like those from K2.

The event kicked off with a funny and thoughtful presentation from Baratunde Thurston, who returned throughout the event to make people laugh and to introduce new presenters.

K2’s CEO, Adriaan Van Wyk, was a gracious host with a friendly and casual demeanor that only slightly masked his pride in K2's performance. The keynote highlighted impressive growth statistics and customer stories. With over 460 Partners in 80 countries, K2 has the global coverage and momentum to continue on its successful path.

Adlib’s Advanced Rendering delivers practical improvements to workflows

Presentations from customers and partners highlighted the myriad of ways K2's workflow tools are delivering real-world benefits. This is something we're familiar with since we share many customers who combine workflow and Advanced Rendering with amazing results. K2 solutions are applied to hundreds of different business processes - many of which have steps and stages where Advanced Rendering is required. Consider just a few examples:

  • Convert disparate incoming content to PDF automatically so knowledge workers can get straight to work
  • Turn scanned images into searchable PDF format so they can be easily indexed and found
  • Assemble customer reports from multiple files and apply a watermark
  • Archive content to PDF/A once the workflow has completed to ensure long-term access
  • … the possibilities are endless!

To learn about how Adlib integrates with K2, get the FREE datasheet.

The Saturday night event, held at the Vanity Nightclub within the Hard Rock, was another success. The energetic and friendly vibe was given an early and healthy shake-up when zombies materialized out of the crowd and hit the dance floor to “Thriller” from Michael Jackson. Only in Vegas!

Overall an excellent event with an energetic vibe, flawless logistics and a focus on customer value.

Fast FWD indeed!

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