The changing workforce – Adlib attends OpenText Innovation Day in Calgary

June 19, 2014

2 minute read

Download the webinar: Going Paperless – Mind the Process Gaps

Ah, the fresh mountain air of Alberta, coupled with the opportunity to engage with participants and industry experts at OpenText Innovation Day in Calgary. Who could ask for a more refreshing day? Check out our photos from the event here.

We embraced the chance we had at this event to speak with OpenText representatives, gaining valuable insight into the market landscape and what the future may hold for content management. We were also delighted to chat with other participants at Innovation Day about their interesting and diverse organizations and the state of PDF health within varying ECM environments.

Going Fully Digital

Of particular interest was OpenText CEO & President Mark Berranechea’s presentation discussing “Gen Z”, the changing workforce, resulting in increased digitization expectations and being fully prepared for 2020. Aligned with this notion, we had a number of conversations revolving around comprehensive digitization within an enterprise.

“To say Generation Z is well-integrated with technology is to say marketing flirts with consumer needs. Generation Z is technology. They have been growing up on websites designed specifically for their consumption since before they could even speak”, says Angela Cross-Bystrom for She goes on to say “…from the very beginning, Generation Z-ers have grown up in a world that is all about connecting through technology.”

Given this focus, I encourage you to download this on-demand webinar, Going Paperless – Mind the Process Gaps.

PDF Therapy – a refreshing dialogue focused on the customer

Back to our notion of refreshment, while you were at the Adlib space, you may have had the chance to learn about our PDF Therapy program: an on-site, complimentary, half-day consultation where we do the listening and you do the talking! We encourage you to find out more about this valuable and unique opportunity and get started!

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