Realizing the benefits of automation: Adlib saves over 14 person years of effort!

June 18, 2014

1 minute read

Learn how automation can benefit your organization in this white paper

Recently Adlib reached an exciting internal milestone: we completed our 10,000th automated build of the Adlib platform!

What does this mean? Well, it has a lot to do with our Development team working on our automated build systems and turning them into a well-oiled machine that allows us to generate builds in a high quality, repeatable fashion quickly. More importantly, though, it allows Adlib to work faster, better and harder in order to create the best possible product. By increasing the efficiency of our development efforts, our customers and partners will benefit from a stronger platform, fewer bugs, more timely updates and better additional features.

Conservative estimates put the old manual build effort required at around a ½ day each. By reaching 10,000 builds, it means we have saved almost 14 person years of effort through the automated build systems – a significant accomplishment and value to Adlib.

What’s next? We’re not resting on our laurels – it’s on to the next 10,000 for us. Let’s see how many more person years we can save.

Bringing automation into your enterprise

Saving time and money with automation isn’t just for our Development team, though. Learn how your organization can reap the benefits of automation in this Adlib white paper, Transforming Information Silos into Shareable Assets through Automated Content Conversion. By automating your document processes, you can improve efficiencies and mitigate risks, in addition to saving countless person hours.

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