PDF Days Europe 2014: What day is complete without the PDF?

June 3, 2014

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Find out why not all PDFs are created equal in this white paper

Adlib is the leading expert in deploying PDF technology to help solve key business issues. To maintain our level of knowledge, we’re an active member of a number of industry organizations, including the PDF Association, which helps us not only stay on top of the latest technology developments, but also learn about industry best practices as well as allow us to influence the evolution of the standard itself.

The PDF Association is hosting a conference all about, you guessed it, the PDF. On June 16th and 17th in Cologne, Germany, PDF Days Europe 2014 will be covering everything you needed to know about the PDF and more.

What is there to know about the PDF?

While the PDF is an established technology, spanning over 20 years of evolution, with several thousand document converters on the market, there is still a lot to learn about this veritable file format.

On day 1 of the conference, three tracks of presentations will cover the educational aspects on a range of PDF topics, including:

  • Introductory sessions for end users
  • Technical updates for developers and integrators
  • Mobile PDF technology
  • PDF 2.0 and the possibilities
  • What PDF/A is and usage examples

Day 2 will focus on solutions for business problems, including:

  • Reports from customer projects
  • Best practices for users and developers
  • Tutorials on archiving
  • How to protect your published documents against unlicensed use
  • How to make PDF files accessible

Click here to view the full agenda for the conference. We’ll be attending and soaking up valuable information from industry experts. No matter how much we know about the PDF, there is always more to learn.

Register for the conference today.

Understanding the different kinds of PDF

There are different versions of PDF, such as PDF/A, PDF/E, etc., and then there are different qualities of those PDFs. That’s right, not all PDFs are created equal. Some are fairly basic, while others include document enhancements, searchability, findability and a host of other advancements. Learn more in this white paper.

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