On-demand webinar: Adlib and K2 partner to discuss business process improvement with Varian Medical Systems

June 6, 2014

2 minute read

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World-leading medical devices manufacturer Varian Medical Systems was the star of the show when they delivered their story of Workflow and Advanced Rendering integration with our webinar participants last month. My guess: their story may sound familiar to you.

The power of partnerships

Varian is an example of how our partnership with K2 is working to deliver advanced solutions to enterprises challenged with complex document management processes. Varian needed to come up with a way to solve a document dilemma: how to capture the vital information in their Design History Files (DHF), control it and wrap it up into one easy-to-access file in support of compliance, collaboration and archiving goals.

Enter Advanced Rendering.

With K2 Workflow already in place at Varian, and Adlib already top of mind with Varian leadership, it was a natural fit to integrate Adlib’s Advanced Rendering tool into the mix, providing visibility and control over the Design History File approval process by:

  • Capturing delegations, digital signatures and other critical information in the design approval process
  • Rolling up each Design History File “project” into one PDF, archived in SharePoint
  • Making files fully text-searchable
  • Improving control and access to files

These improvements have brought to the customer:

  • Improved collaboration across departments
  • Increased efficiency
  • Time and money savings
  • Increased control in compliance processes

Check out the on-demand webinar to hear this story of business process improvement for yourself!

Could this be you? Do you recognize some of these challenges and wish these benefits were a part of your story? If you were not able to attend the webinar, you missed out on a great tale, with Adlib and K2 throwing in their two cents as well! Not to worry though, the webinar is available on-demand and I encourage you to download it and have a look. It is a truly valuable story of how an Adlib Advanced Rendering integration, particularly when combined with a workflow tool like K2, can add value to ECM and solve complex document management challenges. For more information on how Adlib and K2 partner to help enterprises leverage the value in their ECM, download the datasheet.

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