Long Live the Document! Team Adlib goes to town at Document Strategy Forum

June 13, 2014

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Download the white paper Not All PDFs Are Created Equal

Given the right environment, anything is possible. In fact, a change of scenery can inspire creativity and innovation.

Recently Team Adlib participated in Document Strategy Forum in Connecticut – there’s nothing quite like Connecticut in the spring time... if you haven’t been, I highly recommend it.

For those who did join us at the event, we enjoyed a number of great keynotes. From Forrester Analyst Craig LeClair, an internationally recognized expert in business process management, who spoke on Customer Content Management and the future thereof, to Giovanni Piazza, Global Head, Information and Knowledge Management at Johnson & Johnson, who gave us a look at The 6 Magic Words of a Winning Digital Experience and of course, Carsten Heiermann, PDF Association Board member and founder and CEO of the Luratech Group, who discussed in detail the important distinctions between “good” and “bad” PDFs.

Now I’m a bit biased given Adlib’s long standing membership in the PDF Association, but Mr. Heiermann’s keynote of course was my favorite. He told a compelling PDF story, outlining how this technology, that meets the high standard of the PDF Association, is reliable, field tested and created by large expert groups. How does the story end? Quality PDFs are generated. PDFs you can count on to retain the integrity of your work. Mr. Heiermann also talked about PDF as an ISO standard.

Perhaps you were not aware that this standard for PDF existed. Organizations that are part of the PDF Association deliver high quality PDF rendering solutions that are reliable. (For a copy of the full presentation, feel free to tweet us at @Adlibsoftware.)

We, of course, couldn’t agree more. In fact, we’re often heard, like a broken record, reminding people (not you, dear reader, but other people who aren’t our customers...yet)…that “all PDFs are not created equal”. In fact, we are so passionate about this very topic, that we wrote a white paper on it. Check it out here.

Familiar faces, new acquaintances at Document Strategy Forum

We were pleased to see at Document Strategy Forum so many of our valued customers and thrilled to see and meet new faces who work for customer organizations. We are always keen to speak with other groups about how they could be leveraging the same core Adlib technology in multiple areas and departments. Overall, it was encouraging to see that so many participants share our passion for the document and how managing it properly can really turn an organization around and support its growth. Many participants at Document Strategy Forum have clearly recognized the need to standardize information, to ensure that enterprise content is consistent and accurate.

In addition to handing out lots of information, water bottles, and USB keys, we also released our new book 50 Shades of Green. Perhaps this interest in managing content more effectively is why so many attendees were interested in the book and grabbed all the copies we had on hand! For those who weren’t at the event, the book tells the story of an ECM architect, Tess, who’s challenged daily with manually managing an ever-growing volume of documents - sound familiar?! (We have currently released 4 chapters – click here for more info.)

The bottom line: Document Strategy Forum was a great event, allowing us to connect with so many people who care about the document itself , not just the systems, repositories, processes, or management aspects. Sometimes the document, the reason we have ECM projects in the first place, can get overlooked. So it was a great showcase to discuss Advanced Rendering and how we help address the challenges so many organizations face with document management.

We look forward to seeing familiar and more new faces at upcoming events. Check out our Events page frequently to see where Team Adlib will be next!

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