Live Event: Adlib at the K2 #FASTFWD Roadshow in Vancouver

June 4, 2014

1 minute read

Register for the K2 FAST FWD Roadshow in Vancouver.

We’re really picking up momentum with the K2 FAST FWD Roadshow now! We recently presented in Denver, our next stop is in New York, and then we’re off to Vancouver! If you or your team members are in or around the greater Vancouver area, you should join us on June 11th.

In this Roadshow we have been discussing some pains and scenarios that many IT leaders are talking about. Some of the key focus areas of discussion from Adlib’s presenters have been dark data, data capture and archiving.

Avoiding the digital dark age

Dark data is a new concept which is about the content that resides in multiple areas and repositories within any organization. In a way this data is hidden and is not as useful because of its unknown existence. The fear is that as the volume of content grows, the dark data will grow. There might be a point where an organization just crosses the threshold into the digital dark age! This essentially is a point where the extent of data is inaccessible, unknown or untraceable and exceeds the structured or searchable content.

Along with this, there are similar smart discussions on content capture and archiving. The discussion becomes more interesting since Adlib is joined by experts from K2 and a customer who shares their real life experience. Overall, it’s a great chance to learn from others. Read more about the K2 FAST FWD Roadshow in this blog post.

Register for the Vancouver stop today. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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