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June 18, 2014

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Register and attend all 4 webinars and automatically receive a $100 VISA gift card!

Did you know that everyday 15 petabytes of new data are created? Is it possible for organizations to handle this huge and growing amount of content in an efficient manner?

“Data explosion is one of the biggest issues facing IT today. The amount of data that organizations store has grown exponentially in the last 10 years… Data is the lifeblood of any business, and companies of all sizes are struggling with the increasing amount of data stored on their networks…while the ability to store increasing amounts of data empowers organizations, it also presents them with the challenge of managing all of that information”, says Jennifer Walzer for Cloud Computing Journal.

Gain control of your content in this webinar

The first step to gaining control of all of this information in order to leverage it for business growth and success is to learn more about what is involved in capturing all of the content across your organization. Capturing your data effectively happens to be Part 1 of our brand new Managing the Document Lifecycle Effectively webinar series and will address the challenges organizations face today with this explosion of data over the past decade and provide some food for thought in terms of some possible solutions.

Live webinar: capturing your content effectively

Capturing your content is the important first step in establishing a healthy document management system and getting it right sets you up well for the stages that follow, which, by the way, will be addressed in the following three webinars in this summer series. For example, are you aware that your content can and should be captured centrally and consistently so that vital information does not end up locked in silos throughout the organization? In addition, although you may be capturing and storing content like emails and faxes, are they searchable? An Advanced Rendering integration can help with this process through benefits like:

  • Automatic integration of content into workflow or Enterprise Content Management systems
  • The capture of ALL documents through advanced OCR technology and the conversion of many different file types including CAD files, emails and faxes
  • Supporting workflows such as Case Management to automatically apply enhancements such as date stamps and agent numbers

Join us on June 23rd at 10:00 am EST to start taking a look at your document lifecycle and how managing it effectively can drive the growth and success of your organization. Register now for Part 1: Capturing Content Effectively.

Register and attend all four webinars in this series and you will automatically be sent a $100 VISA gift card!

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