Enterprise Content Management (ECM) changes, challenges and trends for the rest of 2014

June 24, 2014

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It seems like just yesterday I was putting away my Christmas tree and shoveling the driveway, but somehow we’ve already encroached on the mid-year mark for 2014. It seems to have happened in the blink of eye, but in reality these past six months have been filled with many hours of product development and market research. Staying on top of market and customer demands – and then meeting them with our product – is something we do year in and year out.

Taking a look at ECM trends

I remember I read an article in CMS Wire back in December which summed up the trends in Enterprise Content Management in 2013, as summarized by leading vendors. There were quite a few interesting comments, and I’ve summarized the ones I found most relevant below:

  • Organizations deal with multiple information sources, and we need to move toward a single, accurate view of information
  • There is a need to integrate content within business processes, maintain governance and control
  • When it comes to ECM, there is no one-size-fits-all approach
  • Organizations are seeing the benefits of enabling their employees to participate in document-centric processes via mobile
  • Collaborative business tools integrated with existing systems are changing the way people work
  • The sheer volume of unstructured data is still a headache for most organizations
  • Deeper integration with back-end systems is a requirement to gain value from content

I think it’s safe to say that these vantage points don’t just apply to 2013 – they are more than relevant in 2014 as well. For the next six months of the year I’d like to add a few of my own vantage points:

  • There is a need to increase focus on the business value of content
  • Increased emphasis should be placed on the content in Enterprise Content Management
  • There is a greater appreciation for end users’ needs in light of ESS trends
  • An influx of new vendors are offering specialized capabilities around mobile presentment, governance and cloud access

How PDF fits into ECM

It’s incredible to see how the PDF fits so snugly into almost all of the above trends, requirements and challenges. It’s almost funny to think how a 20+-year-old technology can revolutionize the way we work today in Enterprise Content Management tools. But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself in this white paper.

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