Advanced Rendering to support key public sector initiatives – Adlib goes to CTAC

June 5, 2014

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“Enjoy your time in public service. It may well be one of the most interesting and challenging times of your life.” – Donald Rumsfeld

Challenges come with the territory when you are in public service. However, with challenge comes reward. The trick is to eliminate or reduce some of those challenges in order to clear a path to success.

We believe that advanced and automated document conversion to PDF across departments helps with the path-clearing process. But how exactly does PDF help serve Canadians better?

That is every government agency’s goal, isn’t it? To serve citizens in the most efficient way possible; to provide them with access to services which address their needs. After all, that is what the upcoming CTAC Conference in Ottawa is all about – diving into cutting-edge technologies that help support key public sector initiatives.

Are all PDFs Created Equal?

How does PDF fit in? I would argue that not every application of PDF does fit the government space, especially with large departments that have high-volume conversion needs. In fact, we wrote a white paper about how not all PDFs are created equal. Download it here. In it you’ll see that basic PDFs don’t meet the demands of high-volume organizations. They need something more: Advanced Rendering.

Connecting with you at CTAC to discuss effective document conversion

When Team Adlib heads to CTAC, we will be bringing our Advanced Rendering message with us and will demonstrate the superiority of Advanced vs. basic rendering tools. We look forward to connecting with you and having some valuable one-to-one discussions about the challenges you may be facing in your department or agency and how PDF may be able to solve some of these. You may be experiencing challenges like:

  • Manual document management processes draining resources and keeping them from focusing on important projects
  • Slow and cumbersome processes to find information and provide it to the public
  • Vital information remaining locked in silos and not accessible across your department or agency
  • Critical content not meeting archiving standards consistently

Adlib has partnered with organizations in the government space for some time now to solve these problems and accelerate business processes, integrating with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems to provide Advanced Rendering, which enables:

  • Intelligent and automated document assembly
  • Easy access and “findability”
  • Improved collaboration across departments
  • Increased efficiency, decreased costs and decreased labor-intensive processes
  • Automation of long-term storage of critical documents in support of archiving strategies

An Advanced Rendering deployment helps to improve the fulfillment of government agency mandates, such as:

  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests
  • Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) requests
  • Complying with archiving strategies to ensure the long-term access and fidelity of documents with PDF/A (an ISO standard)

To find out more about Adlib’s work in the government arena, download the free datasheet.

By centrally managing and automating document management processes, departments find that information is easily accessed, managed and archived. Find out more. Drop by the Adlib space at CTAC. If you haven’t signed up yet, register now.

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