Product demo: How can I create PDF rendition requests in SharePoint?

July 28, 2014

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Document Rendition: Basic, Advanced & AutomatedWatch this product demo to learn how to create PDF rendition requests in SharePoint

Almost every large organization uses SharePoint in some capacity, so it’s natural that there is a need to automate PDF conversion from within SharePoint. Take a look at this detailed product demo which outlines the many different ways you can request PDF transformations from within SharePoint with Adlib PDF, and the many enhancements which can be made.

Making a simple conversion

In order to make a simple conversion with Adlib PDF in SharePoint, navigate to your document and select Workflows. Next, simply select Convert to PDF workflow. After a short period of processing, your PDF will be converted, and you can compare it to the original to see that it is a high-fidelity conversion and 100% accurate.

Converting more than more document at a time

With Adlib PDF, you can convert more than one document at a time and merge them into one consolidated PDF file. Select the documents you wish to merge and state the order in which you’d like them to merge in the Merge Document and Merge Document Order columns. You can merge a number of different file formats at a time, including CAD, Word, Excel and over 400 other types in total. Within the Workflow option, you can select the Convert & Merge workflow. The resulting PDF will contain all of the files that were requested, in the correct order, with the requested document enhancements.

Using metadata and adding enhancements

When dealing with thousands of documents on a daily basis, organizations can speed up efficiency and productivity by setting up document rules to take place with each conversion. For example, by leveraging the metadata in SharePoint, organizations can ensure that each conversion has a specific header, footer, date stamp, watermark, table of contents, bookmarks or signatures. This greatly reduces the chances of human error, and allows organizations the peace of mind knowing that all of their corporate documents are being created consistently and up to spec with internal regulations. By automating document enhancements, end users can concentrate on their jobs instead of on document formatting.

Because Adlib’s integration with SharePoint is based on SharePoint Workflows, you can easily incorporate high-fidelity PDF rendering into any of your automated business processes, eliminating the need for your knowledge workers to remember how to, or even just remember to, create perfect PDFs. Instead, PDFs are created automatically during the natural course of their day-to-day business.

In fact, the vast majority of Adlib’s end users aren’t even aware that Adlib is in place. They only know that of all of the problems they deal with in a day, PDFs aren’t one of them.

See for yourself in this product demo.

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