On-demand webinar: Efficient archiving for compliance and growth

July 24, 2014

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Archiving Content AutomaticallyWatch the on-demand webinar on efficient archiving

By 2015, nearly 3 billion people will be online, creating and sharing information. Where does all of this information go? How is it stored for future use? And when it is stored, how do multiple teams unlock the valuable information inside it? At Adlib, we consider the discussion over archiving to be a critical one.

And it’s not just us. Industry experts from Forrester and Osterman realize the importance of implementing a sound archiving strategy in an organization. The second installment of our Managing the Document Lifecycle webinar series took place last week and in this one we talked about Archiving Content Automatically. We discussed some of the key drivers for archiving success, per Forrester and Osterman, such as:

  • The ability to respond to legal requests for data (Osterman)
  • Self-service access to archived content (Osterman)
  • Index and search (Forrester)
  • Preserving corporate memory (Osterman)
  • Application and OS road map (Forrester)
  • Metadata (Forrester)
  • The ability to comply with regulatory obligations to retain data (Osterman)
  • Freeing up storage on email, application and file servers (Osterman)

Money talks

Some of these may be viewed as “nice to haves”, while others more critical to your business growth. In our webinar we discussed the true seriousness of non-compliance with archiving mandates for some large organizations. Consider the fines imposed on non-compliant companies:

  • ING - $1.2 million for improper email retention and failure to comply with FINRA
  • Metlife - $1.2 million for improper monitoring of email archiving obligations under FINRA
  • Barclays - $3.5 million for email retention failures
  • Piper Jaffray - $700,000 for improper retention of email

In addition to these frightening examples, a federal court sanctioned the government for failing to meet its duty to preserve web content for a $32 million Veterans Affairs procurement.

Advanced Rendering for efficient archiving strategy execution

Perhaps you have implemented an enterprise-wide archiving strategy because you understand the importance of it to your organization in terms of compliance as well as leveraging data for business growth. That’s great! The question then is, how is it working for you? Is the workload feasible to accomplish archiving tasks? Or, is a manual process draining precious resources? If the latter is the case, it may be time to investigate the option of automating archiving processes. This is where Advanced Rendering can help improve archiving. Advanced Rendering helps by:

  • Dealing with multiple/diverse formats
  • Leveraging ECM metadata to trigger rules based archiving
  • Integrating easily with existing ECM and workflow systems
  • Allowing long-term access to information
  • Enabling documents to remain easily searchable

For more information and to advance archiving success, I encourage you to get the on-demand Archiving Content Automatically webinar now.

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