Guest post from Generis: CARA – Keep Calm, CARA On

July 9, 2014

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Adlib and Generis formed a partnership early this year to bring their powerful document-to-PDF conversion technology to our CARA interface. These automated rendering and publishing capabilities integrate directly into our customer’s Enterprise Content Management Systems, and are then accessed through CARA’s advanced web-based interface. This is just one example of how CARA provides rapid, simple solutions to the everyday document management chores that drive us nuts.

Keep Calm and CARA On. One of our customers sent us this as a fun meme, but the backstory is real: CARA keeps us sane.

Keep Calm and CARA on

For example - managing all of your regulatory information can be tedious: accessing different systems, data migration, multiple versions of ”the truth” (e.g. product information, documents in different places)… and if it all goes wrong, how do you know which system to point your finger at?

Take Regulatory Information Management (RIM) - the key to RIM is to allow users to access and manage all the information through a single user interface that uses existing systems as much as possible, does not duplicate data, but also avoids data migration, and a single point of failure.

We’re biased about the solution to all your problems here, because CARA does everything I just described through our ‘CARA Hub’:

  • Different Systems: The Hub provides a configurable way to build connections to other systems using a variety of technical tools including JSP/HTML, queries, API, RESTful Web Services, JavaScript, or server methods. Basically, you have systems, we build connections. And the beauty of it, the connections are a few lines of script wrapped in our configurations – no deployments, upgrade headaches, or unsupported customizations.

  • One Interface: You can interact with all these different systems directly within CARA’s rich UI as a screen-part, widget, or pop-up, making CARA your single point of access. An integration that would have taken months now takes just hours.

  • Peace of Mind: Because CARA sits right on top of a range of systems, if something gets broken on CARA, this doesn’t mean all of your systems are compromised. We sleep easier knowing that everyone’s stuff is safe.

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