Case Study: Energy Company Cuts Down Enterprise-Level Search across IT Systems to 2-3 Seconds

July 11, 2014

1 minute read

Read more on how AEI Services Cut Down on their Enterprise-Level Search in this Case Study

Houston-based energy company AEI Services LLC was looking for a way to speed up the search in documents averaging 200-300 pages. They needed a scalable, accurate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solution that could process documents within seconds. By combining Microsoft SharePoint with Adlib PDF, this organization was able to speed up the search to 2-3 seconds per document.

Understanding business and document processing needs

AEI deals with a large number of legal and accounting documents daily, many of which can run 200-300 pages long. These documents are usually received as PDF files that arrive on the company’s MFP (multi-function printer/fax/copier/scanner) devices. Although the files arrive in PDF format, they are not automatically processed through Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Therefore, the documents are not fully text searchable. As a result, SharePoint’s powerful search engine cannot be fully leveraged with these files. AEI needed a solution that could integrate with SharePoint, and automatically send their legal and accounting files through OCR so that they could be seamlessly made searchable.

Find out how Adlib and SharePoint created the perfect solution

Is this an issue your organization faces as well? While there are many options on the market for Optical Character Recognition software, not many are able to fully integrate with existing Line-of-Business systems such as SharePoint to increase efficiencies and improve productivity. Learn more about the Adlib + SharePoint deployment with AEI Services LLC in this case study on the Microsoft website.

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