Adding PDF Conversion to Workflows Created with Nintex Workflow 2007

July 3, 2014

2 minute read

Learn how to automate business processes in SharePoint with Nintex and Adlib in this datasheet

In this post, I’ll discuss how Nintex Workflow can be used with Adlib’s SharePoint connector to create workflows that include converting documents to enterprise-grade PDF.

Workflows are used to implement these types of business processes within SharePoint. While SharePoint comes with a few workflows out of the box, usually organizations need to make their own to suit their particular business requirements and document-centric business processes.

There are several products that can be used to create workflows in SharePoint. Some of the most popular workflow building products are K2 and Nintex Workflow, both of which can be connected to Adlib PDF.

I am a fan of Nintex because it is easy to use, it provides an intuitive, graphical web browser interface that allows you to build complex workflows quickly and easily. Within minutes of installing it I was able to create a simple approve-and-publish workflow that included these steps:

  • Request approval of the selected document
  • If approved, set Document Status metadata column to TRUE and convert the document using Adlib’s SharePoint connector
  • If declined, send a notification to the author

How it was done

The integration between Adlib and Nintex makes it very easy to add document rendering to your workflows:

1. You simply insert a “Start Workflow” Action into the workflow you are building in Nintex.

2. Configure it to invoke any of the Adlib workflows for SharePoint that are deployed on your system.

3. A list will automatically appear within the Configure Action window in the Nintex interface.

Integrating systems into the business process

Converting documents to PDF is often part of a larger business process. Two examples of where this is used are:

  • Converting documents, such as SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) manuals, to PDF after being approved so they can be published for internal use
  • Applying electronic signatures to approved documents

Learn more about how to automate workflows in SharePoint with Nintex in this datasheet.

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