3 jaw-dropping stats for Life Sciences organizations

July 30, 2014

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Learn about how Adlib integrates with EMC Documentum in this datasheet

If you’re in the Life Sciences industry, you’re likely familiar with the piles and piles of documents that make up a clinical trial or an FDA submission. You’re in touch with the strict compliance regulations the industry deals with, and you know the consequences when those compliance regulations are not met. Most importantly, you know the jaw-dropping amount of sales that are lost each day when an FDA submission is delayed.

Speaking of dropping jaws, I was surprised to learn these 3 intriguing stats about Life Sciences organizations.

  • According to the U.S. National Institute of Health's ClinicalTrials.gov website, there were 139,372 clinical studies being conducted throughout 182 countries as of Jan. 28, 2013.
  • According to Pharma, $49 billion was spent last year on researching more than 2,900 compounds.
  • It takes an average of between 11 and 14 years to go from a laboratory setting to getting a drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration, according to The Independent Institute.

What do these stats tell us? That the Life Sciences industry is working with a lot of documents at any given time.

Managing the jaw-dropping amount of documents

When dealing with millions – or sometimes billions – of pages, it’s important that organizations have reliable systems and solutions that they can on count to make their business processes more efficient.

Many Life Sciences organizations count on EMC Documentum as their Enterprise Content Management system which houses their documents and projects. When organizations are dealing with a plethora of documents, they are also likely dealing with a plethora of file formats. In order to standardize their formats, and make collaboration, sharing and archiving more efficient, it’s important for Life Sciences organizations to convert their content to high-fidelity PDF.

Adlib and EMC Documentum – a successful partnership for Life Sciences organizations

Adlib integrates with EMC Documentum to provide document-to-PDF conversion on an enterprise level, so that all departments within a Life Sciences organization can rely on accurate, scalable conversions of their documents. This ensures that those millions of documents can be read by anyone in the organization without the need for special viewing software, and that those documents are secure and accurate. Learn more about Adlib’s integration with EMC Documentum in this datasheet.

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