Use Smart Apps to Work Smart

January 15, 2014

3 minute read

Helpful apps and digital tools for 2014

In my last blog, I discussed about my New Year resolution of working smart. I had shared a short video from one of our customers who talked about how using automated document conversion within their content management helped them eliminate redundancies and save on resources.

In continuation of my search to find more tools/apps to help me achieve my goal of working smart, I discovered some really cool apps. You might be already know about them or might be even using them but I thought I will share the top 5 with you.

1. Google Takeout

Are you nearing the 15GB free storage limit that Google has set for Gmail and Drive storage? If yes, then this is the tool you may be looking for. The thought behind this tool is to let Google products users (Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive etc.) create an archive of all their historical data and download it to a computer or to a hard drive.  Now you have a centralized place for all your content - easy to remember and find!
Google Take Out

2. Boomerang

Do you sometimes forget to respond to an email or ever wished you could have sent that email a day later? Well, then this tool might come handy. This is a simple plug-in for Gmail. It allows you to schedule sending an email and also triggers reminders on emails you send.

3. Newsle

If you’re active on LinkedIn & Facebook and don’t get enough time to catch up with your social and business contacts, try Newsle. It provides updates about your network. It scans your contacts (in LinkedIn and Facebook) and pulls our news stories about them. Easier to see updates in one place than to check 2 different place and search for updates.

4. Tweet Binder

Twitter Tigers, this tool is for you. If you’re using Twitter as a search tool, or to track any particular trending item, you’ll find this helpful.  This tool allows you to segment and focus on specific information, individuals or trends based on topics with hashtags (#) in tweets.  Best part - the free version of Tweet Binder allows you about 2000 search results. But you can get about 4000 results with additional features with Pro version.  Save time and find what you’re looking for – faster!

5. Unroll me

Do you sign up for a host of subscribed emails and are now wondering how to deal with them? This tool might help!  Unroll.Me is a service which aggregates your subscriptions to mailing list by referencing your inbox.  It will send you a daily summary of all the mailing lists mails it has found. Stop worrying about the subscribed list and focus on stuff that matters!!

For more similar apps or tools, try this link.

If you’re looking to help your team work smarter, check this webinar on Automated Document Conversion in ECM!!

Happy New Year!

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