Invaluable partnerships create amazing opportunities: Adlib and Correlate

January 27, 2014

1 minute read

Adlib recently collaborated with Correlate, an expert in the field of knowledge mapping software, to create a document management solution for engineering organizations that deal with an abundance of demands when it comes to vendor documentation. Correlate creates software that integrates with existing enterprise architecture to help individual users collect, organize, share and archive documents.

Correlate says it best: this solution “enables the creation of a document structure from any combination of file formats, using an intuitive drag-and-drop template. The transparent system embeds easily into existing infrastructure, delivering a complete MRB [Manufacturing Record Book] in one tree-structured, fully bookmarked, indexed and versatile PDF.”  Talk about improving document processes and creating efficiency!

This solution is currently being used by Dresser Rand’s Norwegian division at Kongsberg, and is a perfect tool for engineering firms within the oil and gas industry.

Adlib has had a long-standing relationship with ITA, Correlate’s sister company, since 2006, and has recently started working directly with Correlate since 2013.

Read more on the Adlib and Correlate partnership here.

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