Happy New Year... (Video)

January 13, 2014

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Lets work smart…

A Microsoft study on office interruptions found that workers experienced an average of 4 interruptions per hour. The research firm Basex estimates for every 30-second distraction, it takes 5 minutes for workers to return to work. That means 22 minutes wasted every hour, which adds up to almost $1 trillion in productivity losses each year. That is a lot of productive hours lost.

Watch this free video
Watch this free video

Tony Schwartz, founder of the work-life balance program The Energy Project said “Technology is the biggest culprit”. This is so true since we seem to be inseparable from our phones, laptops and now digital pads and other smart devices. These constantly drain us of our energy.

To add fuel to the fire, during one of the recent Adlib hosted seminar on Automated Conversion on ECM in Houston, Texas, I heard the customer panelist talk about how he integrated Adlib technology with their document repository to make his team and their processes efficient. The way they automated the conversion of documents into PDF and embedding advanced rendering features at the same time just hit me.

Thinking of all the above, as is the global notion to set up new resolutions to correspond with each New Year, this year I have decided to work smart. This does not mean working extra hours, long hours or doing extra work, it simply means doing more in less time.

I think the easiest way to accomplish this is 2 fold:

  1. Avoid or minimize distractions
  2. Optimize the use of technology and tools available

To begin with, I am going to try the following 2 tactics with my email:

  1. Work towards achieving Inbox Zero – a concept of having zero or no emails in your inbox
  2. Focus efforts on declaring Email Bankruptcy – deleting email beyond certain date

If you are interested in similar efficiency, search for work place productivity or performance online. You’ll find multiple links on Google or thousands of recommendations at Amazon.  They’re all good but you need to figure what will work for you. I personally liked this write-up.

Watch this video of what our customer panelist had to say. If you would like to hear similar stories in person, check out our events page and sign up for a live event in your city.

Happy New Year!

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