Customer Success measured in your terms (Video)

January 29, 2014

2 minute read

We have created several posts talking about the importance of Customer Success. Not just for Adlib but as a fundamental component of any successful venture - big or small.

Adlib takes this seriously. We recognize that going above and beyond our customers' expectations is what sets us apart from other technology vendors. Check out my quick video clip on the topic.

Easier said than done.

I often share with new Adlib employee's the simple observation that, while it was relatively easy to be responsive to customers when we were a small company of under 20, it takes focus, a strong culture and leadership to maintain that focus as we continue to grow.

Our goal, and one that we measure regularly, is to deliver a superior overall customer experience. One that makes Adlib stand out as a trusted advisor and a technology partner - not just another supplier! And we measure the results in our customers terms not ours. Are we delivering real, sustained value over the long term?

One of our measurements uses the 'Net Promoter Score' (NPS) methodology and we continue to see strong and improving results as we implement a growing collection of process, services and content designed to make our customers as successful as possible.

It all boils down to strong and meaningful P2P (Person to Person) relationships in the end. It has to form a fundamental underpinning of your corporate culture, your hiring process, your reward and recognition system, everything.

A quote says a thousand words.

I also make a point of capturing unsolicited customer quotes and comments. Legal hurdles usually mean we can't post company names but here are a few choice examples anyway;

  • “Adlib is an excellent company to work with. They act more like a partner rather than a vendor”
  • “You’re a breath of fresh air to deal with after the mega-corporation culture that is [big vendor].”
  • “Thank you so much.  You and the entire staff at Adlib that I have dealt with to date ROCK!  I wish you all continued success and great growth the months/years to come.”

I can't wait to see what our customers say about us next year.

If you’re an existing customer, please sign in to the Customer Portal. It offers a wealth of information, community forum discussions, an online knowledge base, support ticket system and much more.

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