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January 20, 2014

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If you’re an Adlib customer, you probably already know that we are a company where customer feedback is an integral part of product development. We have several customer-facing teams whose sole responsibility is to answer your questions, get your feedback and help you use our product to its full potential. These teams also report interesting customer insight and opinions to the company as a whole, so that we can integrate your comments and requirements in our future releases.

Building off of this kind of environment, we’re proud to announce our customer insight research panel. We’re looking to formalize the process of getting customer feedback so that we can create better products for you.

In the field of market research, customer panels are an excellent way to get solid data on what your target audience wants to see in your products. We want to create our customer insight research panel as a standing team of customers who are interested in a long-term relationship providing feedback on our products and services. We’ll make it plainly evident what you’ll be committing to, so you won’t have any surprises, and we’ll only engage with you at the level you want. After all, we value and respect your time, and know that this will be only one of the many things on your plate.

What will you get out of being on our customer insight research panel? The answer is simple: better products from a better company. We will also share research results with panel members to contribute to your working knowledge of best practices in Advanced Rendering.

We’ll gain deeper insight into what you want to see, and we’ll be able to share your pain points regularly throughout the company. This will help make us even more responsive to your needs. We’ll be able to create products with features that help relieve your pain points, and hopefully, make your lives a little easier.

Have opinions? Adlib is keen to get your insights on how we can get better and better. Please send an email to to join our customer insight research panel.

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