Advanced Rendering, document conversion or content transformation?

January 24, 2014

2 minute read

Advanced Rendering, document conversion and content transformation are terms that are used interchangeably. Although they mean pretty much the same thing, certain professionals and organizations have an affinity for a preferred terminology.

The reason for the different vernacular is based on how the individual organizations perform document and content management processes and use content management technology.

Regardless of how it is addressed, this is an important topic. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) providers talk about it, organizations dealing with huge volumes of documents discuss it and with the influx of big data, there is an elevated interest in it from anyone who is in an industry proliferated with content. And, rightly so. Here are just a few scenarios why:

  1. Enterprises in the life sciences space require Advanced Rendering features like automated insertion of page numbers, headers, footers, tables of contents, and water marks to meet regulatory compliance for submissions
  2. Financial institutions need to merge documents from multiple formats into one standardized format for customer service, internal and external audits and annual reports
  3. Public sector agencies and bodies need high fidelity and faithful renditions of the converted documents for archival purposes to meet FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) and other standards

Other industry verticals that deal with huge volumes of content and documents need a robust automated document conversion process to reduce inefficiency and cost, and place focus of their core competencies.

To discuss and elaborate on these definitions, where the ECM industry is moving, how technology service providers are helping organizations to alleviate these challenges and what some businesses are doing to remove these issues, Adlib is hosting a road show on “Automated Document Conversion in ECM”. This isn't any road show - it's a global one! The first two events were held in Toronto (Canada) and Houston (Texas-US). The upcoming 3 events are in San Francisco (US), Boston (US) and Copenhagen (Denmark). If you would like to see an event in your city, keep an eye on our events page or send us an email and we’ll plan to come to your city. If you’re unable to attend any of these events, check out the Adlib blog regularly and read our post-seminar analysis with the recorded video of the panel discussion!

Get in the know. Attend the event and get your questions answered from Forrester’s analyst, and learn how you can replicate the success of some of your peers in the industry!

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