Adlib Partner Dassault Systèmes joins forces with Accelrys

January 31, 2014

1 minute read

On Thursday, January 30, Dassault Systèmes announced that it is joining forces with Accelrys, merging to enrich its capabilities from concept to completion with regard to Product Lifecycle Management software for the Life Sciences. 

Dassault announced that “combining with Accelrys will enrich the molecular chemistry capabilities from discovery to manufacturing and regulatory requirements of Dassault Systèmes’ formulation-based industry offerings such as life sciences, consumer packaged goods, high tech and energy, as well as advanced manufacturing industries.” Read the full announcement for more details.

In the realm of document management software, this is exciting news!  Adlib has partnered with Dassault for many years, providing Advanced Rendering technology for users of Enovia software to streamline workflows and generate high-quality, enhanced, compliant product documentation.   For more information on our relationship with Dassault, get the datasheet.

At Adlib we’re thrilled about the success our valued partner has had in the field of PLM software, and we’re excited about their development with Accelrys.  We look forward to continue working with Dassault, and providing Advanced Rendering software for their growing customer base.   As document rendering specialists in the Life Sciences field, Adlib has delivered integrated Advanced Rendering technology with major Enterprise Content Management (ECM), PLM and Workflow systems to some of the world’s leading organizations, enabling collaboration across departments, ensuring compliance with regulatory and corporate standards, and allowing for automation of the content management process enterprise-wide.  To learn more about how Adlib integrates with Dassault Enovia, watch the video:

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