Adlib/Generis Partnership – providing Life Sciences enterprises with comprehensive technology

January 31, 2014

1 minute read

They say an idle mind is the Devil’s playground… which I guess is a good thing since there’s never a dull moment at Adlib. Minutes after I finished the 5.1 launch, and halfway through the EMC press release; we have more exciting news at Adlib. We have recently formed a strategic partnership with Generis Knowledge Management in a move to provide a more powerful and comprehensive implementation which addresses the evolving needs of the Life Sciences sector.

With a growing number of customers in the Life Sciences industry, I am really excited by this news and look forward to seeing how Adlib’s Life Sciences customers benefit from the strength and vision of this strategic partnership.

By utilizing Generis’ CARA interface along with Adlib‘s automated document-to-PDF conversion technology, EMC Documentum users in the Life Sciences arena will benefit from a unique combination of web-based access and powerful, enterprise-grade rendering functionality.

We know that the Life Sciences industry has unique requirements and the technology it implements needs to streamline document workflows that meet regulatory requirements; ensure long term access to archived information; and increase accuracy and reduce risks of human error in the handling of content. The new partnership helps us addresses these challenges more robustly by offering an easy to use interface with CARA enabling efficient content management.

Perhaps Adlib’s CEO, Peter Duff, said it best: “Life Sciences organizations that select both CARA and Adlib PDF will be able to extend their EMC Documentum deployments with automated rendering and publishing capabilities in a more robust manner with greater ease of use for added convenience and effectiveness.”

But don’t take my word… or even Peter’s…. check out our Life Sciences offerings, and see why I’m so excited. 

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