Why Advanced Rendering? Why Adlib?

February 18, 2014

2 minute read

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We’ve been talking about Advanced Rendering a lot lately. Every blog post for the past month or so mentions the term Advanced Rendering at least once, if not multiple times. Advanced Rendering isn’t a new concept though. We didn’t just make it up. It’s something that’s been in the corporate framework of Adlib for a long time, and a part of each and every product and service we deliver.

Content conversion, document transformation, or Advanced Rendering?

Whether you call it content conversion, document transformation, enterprise content transformation, document conversion or PDF-ing, we’re talking about similar things. Advanced Rendering encompasses all of that. But, it goes one step further.

Advanced Rendering isn’t just about the process of converting documents to PDF format. Sure, that’s a part of it, a big part, but what Advanced Rendering is really about is enhancing the document during the conversion process, and delivering that process across the enterprise.

Features and benefits of Advanced Rendering

Documents are converted to high-fidelity PDFs, optimized for search using industry-leading OCR technology in over 115 languages, and intelligently enriched with features such as tables of contents, headers and footers, stamps and watermarks, digital signatures and security settings. Documents can be rendered as thumbnail images to increase productivity by previewing the documents before opening, and can be converted to PDF/A for consistent digital archiving.  On top of all that, the document metadata can be leveraged from the ECM or repository to automate workflows and business processes.

Adlib takes all of these features and then scales them across the enterprise, so everyone from Finance to Marketing has access to the Advanced Rendering solutions they need. No matter how big the enterprise is, Adlib’s architecture scales to meet demands. Adlib guarantees high availability and uses centralized job management to ensure successful completion of jobs and zero job loss. So why Advanced Rendering? Because it improves business process efficiency in every department and business unit in the organization. Find me one organization that doesn’t want to save time and money and I’ll eat my hat!

Automated PDF conversion

If you’re in an industry that deals heavily with documents and content, especially regulatory submissions, financial information or public records, you understand the importance of having a solution that automates and enhances document rendering across the enterprise. So, why choose Adlib? Well, we make your choice pretty simple: we’re the only ones offering Advanced Rendering in the industry.

Free white paper on the differences between basic rendering and Advanced Rendering

Still not convinced Advanced Rendering is all it’s hyped up to be? Take a look at this white paper we recently published, The Fundamentals of Content Rendering. We outline in detail the differences between basic rendering and Advanced Rendering, plus the benefits an organization can achieve with a sophisticated document conversion platform. You’ll be surprised to learn there is so much basic rendering just can’t do.

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