The power of 2: Adlib at Fast FWD – K2 User Conference March 1-2

February 26, 2014

2 minute read

There is always a first time – get your one-on-one with Adlib co-founder Scott Mackey

Register for coffee and a chat with Scott Mackey

There are lots of great “firsts” in life – first dance, first kiss, first love, first job, first home…you get the picture…and now the first ever K2 User Conference on March 1-2

Team Adlib, including our co-founder Scott Mackey, is ready to go and can’t wait to greet you at the Adlib booth (#5).  As an Adlib co-founder, Scott is incredibly knowledgeable, not only about Adlib products, but about what makes our customers tick.  Having said that, he is always looking for ways to learn, investigate and share his expertise about document-to-PDF transformation challenges. So what we have done – another first – is set up an opportunity for you to be treated to coffee by Scott and have an exclusive one-on-one chat with him.  Feel free to ask any question you like!  Sign up now to reserve your spot!

Watch a live demo and learn how Adlib integrates with K2 workflows

The K2 User Conference, taking place in Las Vegas this weekend, will bring together partners and customers from around the world, creating opportunities for networking and collaboration.  As a sponsor of the event, Team Adlib looks forward to welcoming you to this first-ever experience with lots going on at our booth.  Apart from the great opportunity to have a one-on-one chat with Adlib co-founder Scott Mackey, come to our booth to Scratch & Win for great prizes and be first in line to watch our LIVE DEMO, illustrating how Adlib integrates with K2.

Adlib extends the power of K2 workflows by adding Advanced Rendering to business processes. Check out Adlib’s Content Rendition Specialist, Rupin Mago, speaking at the Lunch Breakout Session on March 1, as he discusses how Advanced Rendering functionality can be directly added into K2 workflows to enhance document-centric processes, increase compliance and improve company efficiency.

Come see how we do it! Looking forward to seeing you there!

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