SharePoint Conference 2014: All work and no play, makes us dull….

February 24, 2014

2 minute read

…so, let’s work hard and party harder

Say what?! That’s right, Adlib can’t wait to give you something that isn’t going to stay in Vegas: it’s something you can get excited about and take home and share! You can’t say that about most trips to Vegas, can you?

Drop by the Adlib booth  –  #211 – at the SharePoint Conference, taking place March 3-6, (the largest Microsoft SharePoint event in the world by the way) and check out our LIVE DEMO on how Adlib integrates with SharePoint. and enhances your document-to-PDF conversion capability.  Additional functionality such as Advanced Rendering can take your SharePoint investment to the next level. This allows you to avoid incremental capital spent on a new Enterprise Content Management system or adding multiple vendors for individual features like automating your document conversion process, and inclusion of features like table of contents, page numbers, water marks, etc.

Do you or your team deal with:

  • Huge volumes of content and the need to convert them into a standard accessible format
  • Ensuring output documents meet legal or regulatory compliance requirements
  • Requirements to produce high-fidelity and accurate renditions of PDFs
  • A need to convert thousands/millions of images into searchable PDFs with OCR technology
  • Wanting to convert CAD or legacy file formats into a future-proof format

Our CEO, Peter Duff, is a great story-teller with a huge repertoire of customer case studies and use cases. Irrespective of the size of your organization or the industry vertical you operate in, I strongly recommend that you have a quick chat with him. He can paint multiple stories of how Adlib has worked with customers with a profile and pain points similar to yours to either eliminate or reduce those pains.

Now we have made it easier than ever for you to reach him. Just click here and spend 2 minutes to register. Bingo. Peter will spend 15 minutes with you at the conference and you’re free to ask any questions. Oh, by the way, your coffee will be on Peter!

This is a great opportunity to gain insight and share your story about document rendering in your organization. And who knows? Maybe this will be the first time when what you learn in Vegas…

…goes home with you!

See you at the conference!

While you’re at our booth, you can Scratch & Win for great prizes – including a Microsoft Surface! Guess what? Every card is a winner.

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