Partnering for Success (Video)

February 12, 2014

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Live Panel Discussion in Copenhagen brings Adlib together with its partners

Watch the video of the event.

“…and humility in politics means accepting that one party doesn’t have all the answers; recognizing that working in partnership is progress not treachery” – Vince Cable

Never was this more evident than at our recent live event in Copenhagen on Automated Document Conversion in ECM.  We were thrilled to see many of our valued partners participate along with customers and prospects for lively discussion with Adlib CEO, Peter Duff, and Cheryl McKinnon from Forrester.  Check out this video of the event!

The panel discussed the value of automating document conversion within an ECM. Cheryl discussed how all ECM systems are not created equal and do not provide complete feature set around document conversion and automation. She also touched on the new terminology CMIS (Content Management Information System).  Peter Duff highlighted how Adlib PDF integrated with all major Enterprise Content Management systems and PLM solutions. He also brought home the fact that Advanced Rendering features alleviate multiple challenges around document conversion, format standardization, compliance and archiving for enterprises. He shared several examples of how multiple customers were using Adlib PDF for Advanced Rendering within their ECM’s. The example I liked the best from Peter was about a now defunct US based energy company deploying tens of Adlib servers, literally, on every PC to convert all of their content into PDF. The customer needed an engine that could provide a standardized format for the rendered documents with high-fidelity and with the ability to convert thousands of documents and be able to scale.

An Adlib customer on the panel provided insight into how they use the technology for automating the conversion of documents to meet their internal business users’ requirements of producing compliant PDF documents. The best quote from the customer panelist was “all PDF’s are not true PDF’s”. I, in fact, chuckled at this remark because we did a webinar on almost the same topic, 6 Things you need to know about Enterprise-Class PDF, just a little while ago and it was very well attended. The essence of what the customer panelist was suggesting is that you can buy cheap or free technology but you might end up spending more just to fix it or work around it to ensure it provides the results you’re looking for. This becomes imperative when you need to convert a very high volume of documents into PDF and need to ensure the rendered documents meet certain strict legal or regulatory compliance requirements.

During the interaction with the audience, the topic of Redaction cropped up. The audiences were keen to learn how redaction works. Peter took a stab at explaining how Adlib PDF provides it and then one of the partners actually ended up showing a live demo of the technology.

Peter also discussed a bit about the Adlib product road map and where the company is headed. One of the more engaging segments was Peter talking about Adlib’s journey over the last 15 years and how the audience has started looking at Adlib as a “shared service” across multiple business units within an enterprise set-up rather than a single point solution in a particular department. Needless to say, there was plenty of feedback on road-map and discussions on how to resolve certain complex document rendering challenges.

The event culminated with a live demo of Adlib PDF and networking.

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