Heroes are not always leaders...

February 20, 2014

2 minute read

This is a follow-up to my earlier blog on a similar topic where I talked about how a leader doesn’t always have to be in the front. Another corollary to that statement is that all heroes don’t have to be leaders!

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We see multiple examples of this on a daily basis where average citizens are rising up to the occasion and doing the hero’s job.  Be it a subway traveler jumping on NYC’s subway line to save a fellow passenger fallen on the tracks or a Canadian coach helping a Russian athlete complete his race by offering his ski pole at the Sochi games or all those multitudes of people who drop everything else and work selflessly during any natural calamity or human created disaster.  

Similarly, you don’t need to be a leader or senior executive or even a decision maker to make an impact within your professional environment. As long as you can discover a pain point and figure out the solution, be it in your job or team or within cross-functional teams, you can be a hero!

Let’s say your organization deals with very large volumes of documents. They need to either have these documents converted into a standard format for either legal, regulatory or audit purposes. Currently, no one can think of a possible solution. Or let’s say your organization uses an Enterprise Content Management System (ECM) but still needs to automate the document conversion, rendering or archiving. You don’t have to be an ECM expert (although it will help) to help the team.

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