Highlights from Boston and San Francisco Panel Discussions: East Meets West (Video)

February 4, 2014

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Ruydard Kipling once said “OH, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet” in his famous The Ballad of East and West. But it seemed otherwise during my hosting of Adlib’s live seminars on “Advanced Document Rendering in ECM”.

Watch the video of the Boston panel.

As part of our on-going global live seminar series, team Adlib along with Forrester analysts, an existing Adlib customer and our partner Qumas was in San Francisco and Boston in the last week of January.

One remarkable observation from the last two events was whether the organizations are in the life sciences or finance vertical from the east coast or in high tech, engineering or manufacturing from the west coast, they all shared similar pain points around document capture, conversion and automation. Whether it was simple document (Word/Excel) to PDF or more sophisticated CAD to PDF, Image to PDF using OCR (Optical Character Recognition), the challenges were astoundingly analogous.

The other important discussion was around document compliance. Warren Perry from Qumas discussed the nuances on document compliance for Life Sciences and Pharma industries and the relevance of document management, conversion and automation within the compliance requirements.

Craig Le Clair from Forrester introduced the concept of multi-channel content capture. This is akin to what I wrote in my earlier blog discussing how Advanced Rendering, Document Conversion and enterprise content transformation were used interchangeably. Craig’s concept goes a level higher. It captures the essence of content capture and transformation and everything in between, including multiple channels of document flow.

These live seminars are becoming increasingly remarkable not only because of our audience, but because team Adlib learns new concepts in every event.

We were able to capture the video recording of the panel discussion at our Boston (USA) event. If you think you would like to join any such live session, click here for the next series of events.

In closing I will say that no matter what terminology we all use, the challenges around converting, automating and archiving documents while meeting regulatory compliance requirements will be somewhat universal.

If you have something to share or you would like us to host an event in your city, please contact the Adlib team.

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