Adlib is tried, tested and certified! (Video)

February 5, 2014

2 minute read

Last week we announced that Adlib received EMC Certified Solution Partner status for its Advanced Rendering products. In the world of Enterprise Content Management and document rendering, this is pretty big news! We’re talking fancy-steak-dinner-and-nice-bottle-of-wine big news!

So what does this certification really mean? Well, like a lot of things, it’s multifaceted.

This certification helps to validate the long-standing relationship Adlib has had with EMC. We’ve been providing Advanced Rendering products for Documentum customers since 2005. In fact, we had previously received certification for our CAD and OCR products, and that certification was just renewed – so now we’re triple-certified!

Adlib PDF Enterprise 5.1

A few weeks ago we launched Adlib PDF Enterprise 5.1, which includes a new Documentum connector. This Connector is an EMC Certified solution on Documentum Content Server 7.x, and basically allows customers that use Documentum to have greater flexibility and control when it comes to document conversion. Advanced Rendering can be deployed as a shared service across the organization so that users in all departments can have access to automated document transformation and assembly.

Adding Value to Your ECM

Overall, what this certification really helps to do is to promote the concept I wrote about earlier this week, which is adding value to Enterprise Content Management systems to create the document management solutions organizations need. When you’re dealing with something as complex as an enterprise, it’s unlikely that the ECM you use is going to have all of the bells and whistles your business requires. Instead of running out and spending lots of resources on a new ECM, it’s important to first look at the capabilities of your current system, and see which add-ons and connectors exist that can leverage the power of your original investment. This way, you’re not spending time and money training your IT staff to manage an entirely new system, and you’re not frustrating end users with new technical details they have to remember. However, in the end you are ending up with a customized system that meets the unique requirements of your business.

And since I’m never above a shameless plug, I will point you to a video I recently did with , who is the Content Rendition Strategist at Adlib. Take a look to learn more about how Adlib works with Documentum.

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