Adlib Discusses why Advanced Rendering is a must for enterprises in live webinar (Video)

February 13, 2014

2 minute read

Watch the on-demand webinar - Why Advanced Rendering is a Must for Enterprises.

With the explosion of data in recent years, enterprises are having trouble coping with the high volume of documents that need to be dealt with daily. With PDF emerging as the dominant standardization format, the demand for PDF within the enterprise has grown yet many users are still manually converting documents to PDF at their desktop. The polling we did during the webinar showed that a full 88% of you are still not taking advantage of Advanced Rendering technology.  With the number of documents many enterprises are converting daily, and the corporate and regulatory compliance demands that go along with the conversion, this is a costly and time-consuming process.

With this data explosion, where does all of this content go? Well, it has to be stored somewhere. While storage space is only one component of a larger content management issue, 39% of participants when polled during the webinar stated that they were running out of storage space and were aggressively trying to reduce content to deal with this problem. Of course, this is one area where Advanced Rendering technology can help. In fact, Advanced Rendering provides many amazing benefits, like:

  • Consistently meeting regulatory and corporate standards
  • Increasing efficiency across the enterprise
  • Collaboration across departments
  • Search capabilities
  • Easily accessible archiving

A number of participants sent in what Jeff and I think are great questions about the differences between basic and Advanced Rendering and what exactly does Advanced Rendering bring to the table. It was great to see such strong interest in the details – from issues around hyperlink maintenance, to redaction, to email ingestion, to specific issues around integration with Documentum, – attendees had a lot of questions (perhaps I’ll need to plan a follow up webinar on some of these topics!)

In short, what AR brings to the table is automation. Efficiency. It raises the bar, taking PDF-ing to the Next Level.  Because the amount of data organizations deal with daily is not going to get smaller. It is only going to grow.

If you are dealing with a low volume of documents, have no compliance risks and have a low labour cost structure, then you might be doing just fine --- but very few organizations have such luxuries! For organizations that are dealing with high volumes of content, regulatory and corporate compliance issues and inconsistencies and the inability to share documents easily across departments, Advanced Rendering is worth investigating.

Perhaps the way to start this exploration is to ask us about a PDF Therapy session.  In these complimentary half-day sessions we come to your place of work and take that journey with your team to understand the challenges you are facing and explore how Advanced Rendering could improve your document centric processes.

We love interacting with participants during these live online webinars and helping you to understand and begin your journey to more efficient document transformation processes. We hope many of you will join us when we host more of them. Click here to get the recording of the webinar on Why Advanced Rendering is a Must for Enterprises.

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