The Evolution of Business Content in the Enterprise: Education Series Video

December 16, 2014

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Content has come a long way in the past 20 years. Gone are the days of hand-written memos, and in are the days of disparate file types and hundreds of gigabytes of information floating around with no home. There is power in having more information, but as any content management or IT professional will tell you, it’s a lot of work to organize that content.

Beyond the idea of systems of engagement vs. systems of record, what I see organizations dealing with are 3 types of content:

  1. Transactional content: This is information that comes in from outside your firewall, such as invoices, request forms, and customer requests.
  2. Business content: These are documents which exist within your firewall and are most likely created by your knowledge workers.
  3. Persuasive content: This is information which is written within your firewall for consumption outside of it, such as marketing materials or website copy.

To make matters worse, experts estimate that around 69% of this data is of no business value!  It’ just ROT content which increases business risks and exacerbates problems.

Source: IBM Corporation, 2014

With all of this information, having a robust content management solution can be a challenge. Historically, Enterprise Content Management tools have had poor usage rates since they can be difficult to use and have very long implementation times. Recently, cloud has come into the picture and things are beginning to change. With its ease of use, many organizations are turning to cloud-based Enterprise File Sync-and-Share solutions. However, these come with their own challenges such as security and accountability. What organizations really need is a document management solution which is enterprise grade but has the flexibility and ease of use that cloud solutions do.  While many vendors claim to offer these solutions, feature gaps remain significant as it’s hard to cut across these two opposing paradigms But beyond the management functionality, whether it be on-premise ECM, or cloud based EFSS, the content itself has come a long way. Learn more about the evolution of content in this short video with industry experts.

Watch the video on the evolution of business content in the enterprise

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