CAD-to-PDF Conversion on an Enterprise Level: Education Series Video

December 2, 2014

1 minute read

If you’re in manufacturing, engineering, architecture, or any number of other related industries, CAD files are a part of your day-to-day business. In fact, you know that your drafters can create around 200 CAD files for any given project.

While CAD programs are excellent for conveying detailed information through drawings, they are expensive and create large file sizes which can get in the way of collaboration and sharing. Some organizations rely on the end user to convert their DWG files to PDF, and while that may work on a small scale, desktop rendering is a poor choice when dealing with hundreds of thousands of files on an enterprise level (not to mention meeting compliance regulations). Check out the video below with industry experts to get an idea of how automating CAD-to-PDF conversion can improve business processes within your enterprise.

Watch the video on enterprise-grade CAD-to-PDF conversion

Automate CAD rendering in your organization

Adlib PDF’s CAD module is designed for large organizations who deal with CAD files on a high-volume basis. Giving companies the ability to automate CAD-to-PDF rendering allows their end users to focus on more important tasks, while ensuring that their files are rendered correctly into the right version of PDF, and that their PDFs are always up to date. Learn more about Adlib’s CAD module in this datasheet.

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