Advanced PDF technology for improved business performance: learn more at upcoming PDF Days in New York and Washington

December 3, 2014

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The thing about PDF is that it has more business applications than anyone ever anticipated. More than a desktop tool, the PDF standard, recognized for 20 years internationally, is now being used as a strategic business tool which can be implemented enterprise-wide.

Vast seas of data demand that organizations gain control of this content in order to leverage the value in it for future business growth. However, sometimes it isn’t that easy. You’ve got your structured data as well as that unstructured data that many organizations haven’t really addressed yet. Think about the rapidly growing waves of data captured in emails, social media, CAD designs and images.

Now think bigger: archivingcompliance and collaboration strategies. The automation of PDF conversion supports all of these. Whether you are struggling to:

  • archive critical data which can be searched and accessible in the future;
  • meet regulatory submission requirements, where PDF is the only acceptable format; or
  • centralize your information,

embracing PDF technology as a critical component of document management processes should be top of mind. Believe me, the standardization of content management processes will change your life.

Well, perhaps not your life; but, at least it will change the way you do business. As you may be able to tell, I’m pretty passionate about PDF. In fact, every Adlib team member feels the same way and we help our partners and customers realize the value of PDF technology every day. An important part of this journey is our involvement with the PDF Association. As Vice-Chair of the Board, I have seen first-hand the commitment of the Association to educating entrepreneurs, innovators and business people worldwide on the strategic business applications of PDF technology.

Maybe you already use PDF as part of your business processes. Perhaps end users are required to manually convert large volumes of documents on a daily basis. Did you know there’s a better way? Automating document-to-PDF conversion is worth considering. Our Advanced Rendering tool automatically takes data from a wide variety of sources and converts it to PDF for high-fidelity trustworthy output.

See you at PDF Days – Washington D.C. and New York City!

I look forward to connecting with you when we attend the PDF Association’s PDF Days as a Gold sponsor in both Washington, D.C. and New York City. At these events, I’ll be delivering a presentation to delegates with my colleague , discussing the applications of PDF technology and how it provides unique business value to organizations. I really encourage you to attend as we uncover some of the issues around ‘dark data’. Learn more in this recent press release.

These are wonderfully educational events – come on out and learn what you can do with PDF technology and how it can help you become more efficient and effective at what you do. Check out the agendas for D.C. and NYC here.

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