Webinar Report: Managing Document Processes Efficiently

August 29, 2014

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While more and more organizations are realizing the need to gain control of their content through automated processes, a large number of enterprises have still not made the leap.  According to AIIM and Gartner research, gaps still remain when it comes to the automation of content management. For example, only 18% of Gartner survey respondents indicated the ability to tag/add metadata based on rules and just 6% of AIIM survey respondents said they have file classification tools based on content analysis retaining data for compliance.  Close to 50% of respondents in both surveys have not automated their content management programs.

Based on this information, at Adlib we believe there is a huge opportunity for organizations to meet compliance demands, more easily access information and improve efficiency enterprise-wide by:

  • Integrating systems
  • Standardizing content
  • Automating processes

On-demand webinar available now

Recently we hosted a webinar entitled Managing Document Processes Efficiently, part 3 of a 4-part series around the document lifecycle and how Advanced Rendering technology can improve each stage of this lifecycle.  We endeavored to provide some insights on how to close these gaps while improving the overall content management environment of an enterprise.

Advanced Rendering helps to address content control challenges by integrating with most commonly used ECM systems to:

  • Eliminate manual intervention
  • Consolidate multiple PDF conversion tools into one centralized configuration
  • Deploy rendering as a shared service across the enterprise, supporting efficiency and collaboration objectives
  • Migrate and automate conversion of legacy content into high-fidelity PDF format for simplified access and distribution

In the webinar, we provided some examples of how Advanced Rendering makes this happen.  We discussed system generated document enhancements, like tables of contents, date stamps, case numbers and watermarks.  Imagine these enhancements being automatically generated on your critical documents.  How about a metadata-driven rules engine, allowing you to determine for example that all documents by a particular author should automatically have a “draft” watermark applied.

Advanced Rendering has the capability to bring your organization’s document management processes to the next level and in doing so improve efficiencies, increase opportunities for collaboration and ensure content is always accessible.  By integrating with ECMs like SharePointDocumentum and FileNet, among others, this tool enables comprehensive control over the content you own.  The best part?  Advanced Rendering can be deployed as a Shared Service across teams, departments and applications.

I encourage you to download the on-demand webinar and to sign up for the final installment in our Managing the Document Lifecycle Effectively webinar series, coming up in September.

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